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Thread: How do you use a keygen?

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    I downloaded a keygen and am not quite sure how to use it supposed to consist of like, two .nfo files and a .diz file? How do I run it? And if this belongs in another forum, sorry, I couldn't find one exactly matchiny my topic, but I noticed a topic on this forum to do with keygens, so figured this would be the best place to ask.

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Read the nfo file. They hold information, they do.
    Notepad will open them.

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    Ah, notepad, I see. I'd just been trying to double click them and they'd been acting all funny. Thanks for the help! Sadly, the site I got it from lied to me and gave me a keygen to a completely different product from what I clicked to download...ah well, at least now I know how to do it when I find a real one.

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    orcutt989's Avatar Blargh
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    What a Keygen is supposed to be is an EXE file that generates Serial Numbers for software/games and whatever using a mathmatical equation built into it, I dont think what you have is a key generator, but more of just a document with some keys written down in it, which is not a Key Generator.

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    Make sure you update your virus defenitions its "not" funny how many trojans are hidden in the exe . Pm a member with said program name and guaranteed they will point you right . I'd be surpsised if they did n't .

    I'm sorry from one NoOb to another I forgot you need 10 posts . So get posting ,the lounge is fun or the Drawing Room for something different .

    Why do I feal like a Wall Mart greeter ? Hey rules is rules .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewie UK
    Read the nfo file. They hold information, they do.
    Notepad will open them.
    You can also use DAMN NFO Viewer to view the nfo file, it works great!!

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    eh its alot easier to just use notepad


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