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Thread: have original zero hour cd-key ?

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    heres the deal
    if you have original zero hour cd-key..and u dont play it very much
    u can give it to me
    and request anything from me.. if u want ?

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    GepperRankins's Avatar we want your oil!
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    Jun 2004
    the suburbs. honestment
    buy it. it's like a tenner or something now

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    theres no store who sell this game in my country
    i hope someone help me

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    Hows about ebay?

    $8.90 for a brand spankin' new one, not too bad a deal.
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    how they will delever it to me ?

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    Don't they have mail at your house?

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    they have .. but i dont have credit card

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    Paypal can link to your bank account or a friend/family members account.

    Just face it guys he's gonna keep coming up with an excuse for every reason to pay for the game.

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    orcutt989's Avatar Blargh
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    Dec 2003
    So has everyone given up on saying "D00DZ ILLEGALZ SERIALS ON FORUM! RULEZ!!!!!111"

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    i dont have bank account
    thx guys for the help
    i will do my best
    sorry for bothering

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