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Thread: blonde joke

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    Two Blondes, living in Arkansas were sitting on a bench one evening when one asked the other, "What do you think is farther, Florida or the moon?"
    The other blonde gave her a puzzled look and replies,
    "Helloooooooo--Can you see Florida?!"

    Important Info for women:
    1) Every blowjob you give adds one month to your life.

    2) If you swallow, the protein ingested is equivalent to five porterhouse steaks - but contains only 150 calories.

    3) A hand-job a day keeps arthritis away.

    4) Every ten minutes of love-making is equivalent to thirty minutes on the treadmill.

    5) Doing it doggie-style will erase crow's feet and wrinkles.

    6) Intercourse prevents divorce.

    7) Regular screwing releases Vitamin F, which increases the number of brain cells.

    8) Sex eliminates headaches.

    9) Obeying the Eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt make thy man hard", triples your chances of getting into heaven.

    10) Inviting an attractive female friend into bed with you and your lover earns you a diamond choker for your birthday.

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    I always thought brain cells never renew themselves......!!!


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