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    I was wondering. . . Adelphia offers only 1 pkg....and well i guess for 50$ it is at leasta 500kb / 754 kb download speed...apparently it is like Charters CHEAPEST pkg...30kbp. . . and I was wondering if there are any ACTAUL programs that "SPEEDUP" download speed...Such examples(56k approved) not sure bout cable, DownloadAccel, GoZilla, FlashGet...But do you guys know if there are any that REALLY do improve speed for CABLE? If so plz list it thanks

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    There are a few Speed Patches for cable modems out there. Try searching SpeedGuide.Net. My personal advice though is to make sure you completely rid your computer of any Spyware or Adware. Any unnecessary programs that are taking up bandwidth will only lessen your DL speed.

    Oh.. and remember to backup your registry before modifying it.

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    If you uncapp youll see a dramatic speed difference B)

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    How do you "Uncap" it? Also isn't that ilegle?

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    Why can't I uncap my cable modem?

    First of all, what is 'capping' and 'uncapping'? Cable modem technology is capable of speeds in excess of 1 MBit/sec. . However, modern cable modems, in particular cable modems that comply with the DOCSIS industry standard, can be set to limit the maximum speed to much lower values.
    Typically, the speed of cable modems is limited to 500 kBit/sec for download (loading data) and anywhere from 128-256 kBit/sec for uploads (sending data).
    Cable ISPs 'cap' or limit speed for a number of reasons. First of all, such caps make it easier for cable modem ISPs to distribute bandwidth among users. The upload cap in particular is intended to discourage users to run big servers. In general, these caps are also put in place to make the system more robust. At slower speeds, packet loss is usually lower and the system can handle worse signal quality.

    So how do I uncap my modem?

    Short answer: You don't. The speed limit is enforced at the head end. Short of hacking into the head end computer there is no way you could increase this limit yourself. Some cable modems may have serial ports or other ways to change various settings. However, in order for the upload/download speed to change, you will have to reboot the modem after making that change. The problem is, that as soon as you reboot the modem, them modem will contact the head end computer to authenticate itself and it will download the latest settings, including speed limits.

    If I can't do it, can my ISP?

    Theoretically yes. In some areas, mostly in Europe, ISPs offer different plans that provide for higher speeds at a higher price. I guess it can't hurt to ask your ISP if you feel that your speed is too slow. You can always try to change the registry settings of your PC to get at least all the bandwidth offered by your ISP. But at a 500 kBit/sec cap, the registry settings will provide only little change. Don't get too excited about the sometimes low (128 kBit/sec) upload cap. It won't matter for web browsing, downloads and most games. Only if you are into video conferencing, upload caps are a problem.

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    hmm i posted this before but here again for you

    im on 56k but if you have cable broadband heres a program that will uncap it, but be warned you might lose your connection

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    You can get some info at Cable Modem Hack


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