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Thread: 7800gtx amdx2 2gbram-no games run good

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    Hi all
    bit of a read
    with some guidance from here and places i built this pc but i am having major problems

    Winxp pro sp2
    Amd 64 x2 3800+
    2gb corsair dual channel pc3200
    Asus A8N-E nForce4 Ultra (Socket 939) PCI-Express Motherboard
    XFX GeForce 7800GTX Ultra Extreme Edition 256MB GDDR3 VIVO TV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express)
    hiper 580w psu
    200gb sata hdd

    Now my problem is as follows, no matter what game i play the videos and the game itself are jumpy (badly). I have updated the nforce4 mobo drivers and graphics card drivers with the ones from nvidia,cpu driver and i have even tried the dual core xp patch floating around the web and my psu comes with a dedicated pci-e cable so i have plugged that in to the gfx card
    but the strange thing is, is it doesn't matter what resolution i run it at and it doesn't matter if i turn all my settings up or down it stays just as choppy .

    its more like a stutter. On far cry and nfs:mw it is kinda like the screen trys to catch up in one jump with the gun\car, also when i turn left or right on quake4\mohpa and even nfs:mw type games the screen slows down then catches up.
    I have just run the demo of 3dmark05 and i got this which i reckon sux from what i have read

    As for overall system performance i have nothing to compare it to so that isn't exactly helpfull. Any good programs that help?(i will look 2)
    Can anyone offer me any advice please because its getting very frustrating.
    I can play mohpa,nfsmw,quake4 at varying resolutions and even when they are turned all the way up they run exactly the same as in a lower res (only higher=looking a lot better) but they stutter just the same.

    thanx for any advice guys i am stuck big time because i only got 1 compatible thing - a hdd so i know that it ain't that

    Oh when i ran 3dmark05 at some point it showed some figures
    this is from the product spec
    Core clock 490MHz+
    and somewhere (i'm trying to find where i saw it)3dmark05 said mine was
    Core clock 8.9mhz--------This has gotta be wrong

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    ApacNTS's Avatar Helljumper
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    u plug the pci card in the right pci slot?
    you make sure the card is firmly down all the way in?
    is the power supply secure to the mobo?
    have an errors in the post test?
    is the h/s on your cpu correctly(working) and if compound was used is it spaced evenly?
    do you have fans in your system, so airflow is good?

    just a few questions that spring to mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApacNTS
    u plug the pci card in the right pci slot?
    you make sure the card is firmly down all the way in?
    is the power supply secure to the mobo?
    have an errors in the post test?
    is the h/s on your cpu correctly(working) and if compound was used is it spaced evenly?
    do you have fans in your system, so airflow is good?

    just a few questions that spring to mind
    1. Yes the card is in the right slot
    2. Yes it is in ok
    3> Yes the psu and mobo are connected ok
    4. No errors in post
    5. h/s + cpu installed fine
    6. Two at the front(in) two at the back(out) 1x80mm fan in psu + 1x120mm fan in psu

    the side isn't on yet as the pc is on a desk in front of my face

    any more ideas?

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    Get a decent audio card.

    My guess is that the board probably only has a basic audio codec, which means your cpu is doing all the audio conversions. Even a cheap card with a genuine audio processor will be better than that.

    Edit: I just checked, if I read right it only has a basic codec. By comparison the earlier "-E" (A7N8X-E) has a full audio processor, and runs games very nicely thanks.

    On the other hand one of my other systems (Abit AV8) performed just as you described until I got a separate sound card.
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    I had a similar problem at first when I built my new system, however installing the latest graphic drivers solved it.

    As a side note I have the same mother board as you do, and everything is working fine now...

    If you're unable to find a resolution, try this site:

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    I was just reading about problems similar to yours this morning at [H]ard forums, but they've been down most of the day so I can't link to it.
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    this might be a nooblar thing to say but if your on a wireless connection that could be it because that happened to me a while ago and i didnt know why it was but then i found out, dought its realated hope u fix the problem!

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    mr. nails's Avatar m@D @n!m3 BT Rep: +1
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    list the drivers ur using. the hd ur using has fresh format?

    edit: is that the only benchmark u've ran? try others 2. i upgraded from one system to another and certain benchmarks didn't really improve much while others skyrocketed.
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    Cheers for the responses guys.
    i have read lots on [h]ard forums this past week and half and everything i tried failed.
    I have installed a separate s\card (a shi**y "Trust" one) but that made no difference (maybe this card is as bad as the onboard one i will reasearch it)
    I have tried various combinations of drivers (old+new, new+new)
    and also i have no wireless connection .
    As for the hdd, you don't want to know how many full formats its had (pretty much every driver combo tested at least). Also i switched it for another i had and the problem remained, so i think that can be ruled out.

    im just gonna set it up and then find what drivers i'm using.
    I found a program called Everest so i'm gonna see what that says about the system
    Cheers again

    Edit: ok so i had the latest drivers installed
    nVidia Chipset(CK804) driver version V6.65
    nVidia graphics driver 81.95
    Realtek AC'97 Driver V5.10.00.5750
    Dx 9c

    I thought i had tried older drivers but the ones on the cd are the same as the ones from nvidia website
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    A few things i thought of

    1. Could it be my cpu as the clock speed is only 2000mhz
    2. Could it be my ram not working with the gfx card correctlly
    3. I have never owned a psu that has removable cables, so could i have connected them incorrectly (the 6pin pci express cable only has 2 pins in the psu-end connector, and one of the connectors on the psu had two pins, so in it went).
    4. I use the dvi slot next to the mobo (i can't fit the vga adapter on the other)
    could that be it
    5. Do you reckon it's worth seeing if they'll swap the parts, and eliminate the problem that way.

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