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Thread: Wide angle lenses

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    I'm thinking about getting a fish eye lense for my video camera (JVC GR-D90U). The ones that are compatable are these:


    This super-wide angle lens provides a unique fisheye perspective to your images.
    The snap-on lens mounts instantly to camcorders with 27-37mm filter diameters.


    Capture ALL the action !!
    This 0.5X wide angle lens increases field of view by 100%. Great for indoor shots! and....
    It mounts directly to 37mm filter diameter lens. The kit also includes....
    The adapter rings for 27, 30, and 30.5mm diameters.

    LENS KIT (0.65X / 1.5X)

    Features :
    Conversion lens kit contains 1.5x telephoto and 0.65x wide angle lens.
    It includes 4 mounting diameters for mini-DV camcorders ( 27mm, 30mm, 30.5mm, 37mm ).

    So what I'm asking is this. Is there a huge difference between the .3 , .5, and .65?

    I'm hoping someone with experience can answer, becuase obviously the .3 is going to encompass more viewing area than a .65, but I'm hoping someone has expierence with different wide angle lenses.

    What I'm looking for is to do this. Be able to be in a passenger seat or a car (sized like a honda civic) and be able to film the driver and get a large portion of him in the shot. Or put it in the middle of the dash and get a good perspective on both the driver, and passenger.

    Much like the lense they use in the Cky when filming in the car shots.
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    So what I'm asking is this. Is there a huge difference between the .3 , .5, and .65?
    Yes, up to a factor of about 2.17
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