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Thread: christian sites?

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    dear guys,

    where can i find the best site(s) for downloading christian materials like music, audiobooks or e-books, music videos, etc?

    i don`t have access to any of these things right now because i am currently in japan (it is quite difficult to look for english materials here you know).

    thanks a lot in advance!

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    thanks a lot kbs2006abcd!

    i tried looking at but their site requires invitation and unfortunately for me i don`t have any account yet...

    well i hope you could help me later on this problem!

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    though im jewish ill try to help :
    first try -
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    7,734 They dont upload torrents there, they just upload the albums on like megaupload or yousendit.

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    guys! (kbs2006abcd, Linkin Park)

    Thanks a lot!!! really liked the sites you shared!


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