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Thread: Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Bill

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    Doing a debate for school, a Mock Parliament.I'm representing the Democratic Unionist Party. Our debate is on the UK terrorism Bill, but I think after researching the DUP I'll just bash Mr. Blair on the Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Bill.

    It's pretty hard to find info on the DUP and how they feel about the Terrorism Bill, . I know they're against both and very angry about the NI bill, but I'm struggling for arguments lasting longer than a minute.

    I know there are a bunch of Euros here, and I was wondering if you'd like to help me out and let me know the general feeling about the DUP and those bills. As I live in the U.S., and google can only provide so much.

    And being from the DUP, how should I present myself? (Intellectually and physically)

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    The DUP will be against anything that give rights to Catholics/Republicans.

    They wish to have the old system, whereby they owned everything and the Catholics worked for them for a pitance and lived in the houses that they owned paying extortionate rent. The system whereby the Catholics had less voting rights and influence.

    They are the other extreme to the rabid Republican/Catholics with as many ties to Loyalist paramilitary groups as Shin Fhin has to Republican...

    Democratic Unionist Party

    In their own words...

    "The most religiously fundamentalist of all the Unionist parties and the leading party opposed to the Good Friday Agreement."
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