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Thread: Dvd Troubleshooting

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    I got a dvd player last christmas and I have hardly used it, but recently I have tried to use it and now any dvd I put in wont play. It says it is loading and it does that for about 3 min. until it says wrong disc at the top of the t.v. screen. I tried using one of those lens cleaners but it didn't do nothing. It wont play any kind of dvd's, burned ones or store baught. can some one please help.

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    Is it still under warranty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualbody1234
    Is it still under warranty?
    Good question. Most DVD players should "work". I'd understand if it were made by microsoft though...clean the "video" cache or some bullcrap would solve the problem, but it's different in these cases..hah

    Yea, make sure it's under warrenty or get a new one for $30. Hell, I've seen em for $20.


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