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Thread: To The Controllers Of The Site.

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    If you're reading this and don't have anything to do with locking posts, save yourself some time. This is written to the admins.
    First, I would like to sincerely apologize for putting some threads where they did not belong. Due to a referral, my first destination was 'off-topic', and then I misconstrued the "talk about anything".
    So. I am sorry about that, and WILL post more accurately in the future. B)
    Also, I apologize for my profanity. I did read the rules, and after reading some of the threads I made the mistake of matching, (or imitating, which is worse ) tone here and there. I will be less vulgar, if not less direct, which leads me to my question.
    I am asking so I can be clear in the future, not so I can justify what I've already written.

    What criteria are used to lock topics?

    I welcome any and all feedback, as always.
    I wish to be an asset, not an ass.
    Thank you for your time.
    p.s.- What am I doing wrong in the "edit signature" area which prevents me from changing the size or font of my signature? All that happens is I get a bracketed word before my text, and the text remains the same.

    Educate. Laugh. Love. Learn.

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    Just click on the update signature button, you should see it then.

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    Well at least you've seen the error of your ways and apologised. Theres enough people who cause trouble around here already!

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    For your trouble with the signature, all you need to do is click on 'Close all Tags'.

    Welcome to the board.

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    Yeah this forum has been took over by trouble makers recently,thus bringing down the quality here,no names you know who you are ppl

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    And the winner is........Somebody 1234! Thanks dude!
    Actually, kudos to all who replied.
    (I had seen the "close all tags" button, but had no freakin' idea what that meant. )
    Yay! I have .00003467% out of 100% control with the computer! (On a good day. )
    Now...for a completely...if not totally...nearly...close to stupendously dumb question!
    When I first got to this site, I don't recall downloading anything. I just signed up and started typing.
    My question is...
    Why do I still need to download Kazaa-Lite?
    Is NOT downloading it what is preventing me from going to the links people have in their posts, such as "Uncensored footage from U.S./Iraqi War"? (Those pages have yet to allow me access.)

    I'm in the dark about the 'difference' between the entire site here, and what "downloading" K-Lite would mean.
    (Chalk it up to my only computer use/knowledge is typing, going online, and some pc games here and there. Since it's not my computer, I rarely download or upload anything.)

    Anyway, thanks for the tips.

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    Well, by downloading K-Lite, you get a program that allows you access to the Fasttrack network.

    If you click on a link that looks like this:

    [Edit = Screw it, I can't get it to work on this post. Check out the verifieds to see what I mean.]



    and you don't have KLite installed, they won't work, since they're hashes for that network.

    I don't know if the video about the US/Iraq war is done as a hash, or is up on someone's FTP or website or whathaveyou. Downloading from the internet is different than downloading from a P2P program, since a P2P program usually has more media available.

    Not sure if that answers your question, though.

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    Downloading Kazaalite is not a requirement to use the forum. It is a small program that you can install into your PC and 'share' files over the 'fastrack network'. It means that you do not have access to that network while you browse the internet or this forum unless you have it installed. I think you are refering to sig2dat links on this board. Only once Kazaalite is installed will those links work. They just send the file information to kazaalite so that it can download the file.

    The best way to see what it is would be to download Kazaalite and install it. Just try it out. If you don't like it or want it anymore then you can always uninstall it. (but I am quite sure you will keep it )


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