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Thread: Download speeds

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    I have just been exceeding 9k on my download speed. I have a 10meg connection with and its the fastest i ahve ever downloaded at a stable 5-9k rate lol. Whats the deal.

    I plan on becomming acustom to this website as i want to download alot of content. Also upload

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    so you have a 10meg connection and youve never went over 9kb/s download speed
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    4,644 friend has like IDSN with 100k connection, and he gets like 20k dl speed lol

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    You should be getting like 1000kb/s, what program are you using to download and does it happen with all programs?

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    OMG i am a noob lol, i was so excited i was posting invalid results hehe. I ment 9k kb/s ie 9meg a second would have been easier. I used the .nzb file from the web but once it had finished allo the files where incomplete and didnt extract, this was obvious now from the DL speeds i was getting. How do i correct this error?

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    That would be 9Mbit/s, however you should still be doing faster than that... With a 10Mbit connection you should be receiving around 1200kB/s through usenet.

    Unless you meant that you were getting speeds that high, and you have a lower connection, which seems to be the case for your error. When a NZB is older than your retention is, you tend to get extremely high download speeds and the files end up being text files rather than unpackable archives. There is no way to correct them, you just have to find a newer posted NZB.

    What Usenet provider are you using?

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    Ok sorry i didnt explain. My download speeds are 1.2meg aka 1200kb/s i didnt show the correct term. Also thanks for that

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    i have about 550KB\s Download and Upload

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    bitcomet aceleretor patch

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    u guys should use clear values since u dont know the difference kb and kB.
    normally u explain the speed of internet connection in bits, but the dl speed in bytes
    and a 10 mbit/s connection = 10x1024=10240kilobit and cos 8 kilobit=1kilobyte 10240:8=1280 so you should get 1280 kilobyte/s which is 1,25 megabyte per second

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