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Thread: Microsoft releases Windows OneCare Live

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    [news=]Microsoft is set to deliver automated, all-in-one PC health service for consumers. Windows OneCare will span system performance, PC maintenance, data protection and security in easy-to-manage service.

    The dynamic nature of the Internet and technology can make the protection, maintenance and optimal performance of PCs a challenge for consumers. Keeping a PC "healthy" today can be daunting and time-consuming for the average user.

    To address the need for a more comprehensive PC health solution, Microsoft Corp. today announced plans to deliver Windows OneCare™, a comprehensive and simple-to-use consumer subscription service that will provide automated protection, maintenance and performance tuning as an all-in-one package for Windows-based PCs. Windows OneCare is initially being distributed to Microsoft® employees this week as part of an extensive testing and development process before broad public beta availability scheduled for later this year.


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    $$$$ - Pay microsoft to fix problems caused by microsoft


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