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Thread: dead

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    is it just me or does not load?

    also isthere anyone from xwt here that knows the situation if its a planned downtime?


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    its not working for me either...

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    Im receiving a 404 Error everytime i try to access XWT. My account is "coffee" and as far as i know i shouldnt be banned. Couple of my friends can access the site fine.....

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    works for me..

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    Bugger it, i'll just use PWT.

    Bit of a disappointment because ive been uploading a fair bit lately to get my ratio up and ive just wasted my time.

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    This is so sad

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    I just checked it for the first time in about a week. Maybe it was a temp. downtime because it's up and working right now.

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    there was a temp down time but it got back pretty quickly

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    yes, its working again


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