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    remember there used to be this software tat we(well most of us) used while we had KaZaA Lite v1.7.2(there was no disable update msgs at the time). we used to get tat annoying popup asking us whether we want to update n we had to click no everytime we connected n sme1 on the forums came up wit a software tat automatically clicked no(it used to reside in the systray). u could add keywords tat i could keep a watch for n if the dialogue was smetin like tat, it would automatically click wat we wanted it to click
    i want it bcoz i want winXP SP1 as GTA:vice city has it as its min requirements n i plan to leave it on overnight n as im on 56k i get cut off after ever 2-3hrs or so n tat msg comes up sayin connection was reset, retry, ignore, cancel or watever. i want this to automatically click retry so tat i wont have to stay up pls help me out

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    Go to your Internet explorer options click the connections tab select your connection and click settings. There should be an option in there about timing out your connection or check into a pinging program which pings your Internet server.

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    StayAlive was one of them. Do a google to find the website, i canna be bothered


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