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Thread: fable lost chapters WAIT...

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    my fable: lost chapters use to work perfect fine, but one day it started loading slow so i ctrl alt delete and closed it. then when i play it loads really slow butgame play is fine. When i go to another area of the game its really slow, and autosaves take like 5 minutes, so i unistalled it and renstalled it and the same thing happen. I should uninstall it and delete any hidden temp files, but i dont know were there at.. any ideas......

    What im trying to say is..... where thefile that hold all the setting for the fable game, because even thought i uninstalll it, the setting are still kept some were

    Ps. 5 minutes for autosave and 10 just to load.... its gamer chaos..... WTF>>>
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    Most games now of days place some files in "My Documents".
    You should also try clearing your page file just in case.

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    how do you clear your page files..


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