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Thread: Help With Splinter Cell No Cd Crack

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    ok downloaded splinter cell on to comp and installed it,downloaded the no cd crack from gamecopyworld,this is what they say to do with the files i have got from them

    Install the game - Full Installation.
    Apply the official Splinter Cell v1.2 Patch.
    Replace the original SPLINTERCELL.EXE & CORE.DLL executables with the ones from the Executable Archive.
    Play the Game!

    can u give me a quick step by step as how to do this someone cheers in advance

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    take, ur noCD crack and copy it. Then go to the directory where u installed ur splinter cell. The directory should have an identical icon as the crack icon. Then select paste and "yes to all" and the crack should work.

    I suggest that you make a backup of the original icon before u install the crack, just in case. To do this jsut copy and paste the original file in a backup folder that u create.


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