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    All right heres the deal, I have a school project which is to film a thirty second commercial about littering. I would appreceate any ideas and advise on the best film editing software. I want best effects and ease of use. No corny stuff i would like it to look professional, but i dont want it to take a professional effort. any help is greatly appreceated and all replies are welcomed.

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    Try Ulead 6.0 (sorry dont have the hash, do a search on the board and on user friendly and has some cool effects but not a lot. Also remember that the best movie wont have lot's of effects just some. If your whole movie is effects it takes away from the point.
    If you want something a little more harder to use and a little more proffesional try Adobe Premiere 6.5.

    Ulead --> designed for the avg home user, very very very easy to use

    Premiere --> designed for the more adv user with patience to learn and master everything...


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