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Thread: Want to buy the rights to a video game?

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    Alias, Bust a Move, Crazy Taxi, Double Dragon, and hundreds of others. All these games once belonged to Acclaim software, but since they had a little bankruptcy problem, they are deciding to auction off the publishing rights to all of their games. Want the right to publish and sell Smash T.V.? It can be yours for the small price of $5,000.


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    i hope some decent guys snatch it up and make a sequal to DD and maybe crazy taxi too

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxygenuk
    i hope some decent guys snatch it up and make a sequal to DD and maybe crazy taxi too
    i don't think that's what the auction is for, actually. sega still owns the crazy taxi trademark and the rights to develop & sell any sequels. this auction would simply be for the rights to press more discs of the games that acclaim has already marketed, not to develop anything new. and those publishing rights will probably expire eventually, too. it's basically an auction for the remaining time on limited-time publishing licenses for old games that nobody wants new copies of. great news, for anybody who wants to make more bart simpson gameboy cartridges as soon as possible.

    seriously, crazy taxi is the only game on that entire list that someone could possibly make a few dollars by reissuing it on playstation 2. or burnout & burnout 2, maybe. the rest of the games are all either too old, too terrible, or sold poorly the first time around. those licenses are worthless. lolz
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    $5,000 at first, but you might make a-hellava-lot more after marketing your new game.

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