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Thread: flashfxp proxy config

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    how do i make best use out of flashfxp while working behind a proxy server? how do i make it really work? the configuration is really a bit sophisticated. and the proxy server of the college hinders the connection!

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    to make it really work have a look in internet explorer at

    tools/ internet options / connections (tab)/ land settings.

    there should be written in there your proxy server and the port used.

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    yeah i know that..i know the address..port of my proxy
    but do i define it http (connect) proxy, or socket..tunnel...?

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    am using the computers in my college which are connected to the intrnet through the college's proxy server (HTTP proxy-squid). it requires username and pass (which i already have). the proxy server acts as a buffer b/w me and the internet, everything passes thru it. so, how should i conigure the connection tab, under preferences, in flashfxp to make it connect successfuly to the ftp? if it succeeds, is there a chance that the proxy will slow down the dl speed?

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    Make sure to select passive mode.


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