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    I burned VCD on CDRW with Nero 5.5...blah blah. Anyway everything was fine apart from the color...ITS BLACK AND WHITE PLEASE I NEED HELP. The file was an mpg file.

    Please someone must know how to fix this

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    If your live in America you problably have an PAL (25 FPS) movie and your TV or DVD donīt support it,it just support NTSC (23,976 FPS) and then the color is going black and white or it could be the opposite that you have a NTSC movie and your TV or DVD dont support it.

    Read this guide to how to convert a NTSC (23,976 FPS) to PAL (25 FPS)
    Convert to another FPS

    And I dont recommend Nero to encode a movie becuz nero can cause it the movie to go out of sync,not so good quality compared with TMPGEnc and Nero also takes a longer time.

    If you want to make a succesfull VCD/SCVD,then read these guides which are very good on:
    Good guides


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