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Thread: Burning Films Onto Dvds

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    just got a dvd writer do i burn films onto dvds just the same as vcds? or do i have to do something differant,i have nero?

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    so if i have downloaded files and made them into mpeg i cant just burn them like that i still have to do other things to them ?

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    Well, you can't burn a vcd onto a dvd disc because Nero (and I think all burning programs) only allows CD-r/rw's to be burnt for VCD's.

    You can burn the .mpg's onto the dvd disc as data and if your DVD player has a slide-show option (or a way to view the files on the disc) then it'll work.

    Other than that, you have to follow that guide unless someone has an easier way to do it.

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    Use a DVD creator instead of nero as it does not really support dvds. It concentrates more on CDs


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