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Thread: Free Game script for your site - beta

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    I'm ready to open a PUBLIC beta of my free version of GameScript after talking a little bit about it last week.

    A quick rundown is we give YOU a DB with 1100 games that WE host. just take a look at the demo instead of going on about it:

    As of Right now admin has
    - Rename Categories
    - Link Add/Delete
    - Config settings change
    - Basic Add game (No upload currently - grab from remote server or FTP currently)

    You guys can look around and see the current end user features

    PHP V4.
    - Should work fine with register_globals on or off (testing with on)
    - Safe_mode or CGI mode are untested currently
    MySQL V4
    - Should work with 4.0.x but testing done with 4.1.x

    SEO URLS only work with mod_rewrite being on with Apache. when you turn that feature off it should work anywhere.

    All support requests are to be handled through: PM's, emails, support tickets related to this will be deleted. I don't have the time to field private support for a FREE product.

    We plan on setting up data feeds so that you'll be able to get updates with additional games from us and some of the hundreds of gamescript based sites that are out there.


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    I understood every word of that, honest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proper Bo
    I understood every word of that, honest
    I really did.


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