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Thread: Vcd Burning In Nero

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    I was wondering if anyone knew what im doing wrong here:?!
    I am burning a 222Mb file that has been converted from mpg on NTSC to PAL using TMPGEnc. Then when i burn it on nero i click on burn after doing the VCD menu blah blah. When i come to the burning screen it says "checking disks.." i wait for abt 5 mins and it still hasnt done anything just checking disks. I have Verbatim CDRW 700mb disks and my burner is a Samsung SM300b (i think). My DVD player does not support CDRs and my TV wont accept NTSC.

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    is this a one time thing or have you never been able to burn vcd's with your burner?

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    is nero the only program that can burn VCDs or is it the most popular or easiest?

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    It seems to be the more popular one and the easiest... but not the most reliable when encoding.


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