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Thread: help pls?! fix prob

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    Question Mark

    can someone help ?
    i downloaded 40 yaer old virgin movie from the group alt.binaries.movies.divx
    but it has some parts missing
    i have used the PAR 2 file with quick par but it has not managed to fix cd 1 file,

    how do i obtain un corrupt files from another group ?
    im having difficulty finding and have no idea where to post/look

    please help

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    try downloading all headers for that group and look to see if any parts are missing from the nzb posted.

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    Question Mark

    Quote Originally Posted by backlash
    try downloading all headers for that group and look to see if any parts are missing from the nzb posted.

    how do i do that then ^ ? im a newbie and have no idea

    thanks for any help

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    wher abouts should i be looking?

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    You can get the headers by updating the group in the program you use for newsgroups. You may just have to get some more pars. Have you even tried using the pars yet. The par2 just checks the files as you also need the actual pars for the repair. I have no clue what version you have so not sure which you would need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhatti00
    please help
    All is well if you would take the time to read the guide.
    Quote Originally Posted by RealitY
    4. If you're still getting an error message or have unfortunately gotten some corrupt rars and cannot get enough PAR files to repair or replace them there is still hope, first try another group for the same release ie. most releases on alt.binaries.movies are also released on alt.binaries.movies.divx or post a request within the group for fills or pars. As a last resort you can also try to get the missing or corrupted rar files on IRC, a good guide on how to do this can be found at How To Get Missing Rars For An Incomplete Archive.
    However if this does not work, try getting your missing rars through IRC.
    There is a guide to do this: HERE


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