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Thread: Bearshare vs Limewire

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    which is better im gonna be using one of these programs to download old tv shows nlike tv shows from 3 years ago which will give fastes speeds and most resullts. Dont say ares.

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    None of those:
    Just stick with Bittorrent or maybe emule.

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    What Yoga said.

    If you are going to use limewire then consider using frostwire instead.
    Limewire plans to add filters to limit what content you can download.
    Frostwire is made from the limewire sourcecode and will remain unrestricted.
    It's nominally beta but works quite well as gnutella clients go.
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    is emule fast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by despikable
    is emule fast?
    no P2P clients are really faster or slower
    it all depends on the speed of the user sharing the file
    as well as a 100 other factors
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    for me peer to peer is faster than bit torrent

    however bit torrent is better, as it is safer, you always get the file you want (no renamed crap), and there is much better stuff available

    it might take a bit longer to download

    but its worth it

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    i agree with you barney i use bt for large files that are recent and i use peer to peer for small files like mp3s and small vids or old vids.

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    bareshare is better if you have a good spyware remover to remove the spyware which installs with it I have used both limeware pro and bareshare pro bareshare is better

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    You BT and eDonkey fanboys wouldn't know Limewire if it bit your ass. I use Limewire Pro for music, works great.

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    winmx, the openNap servers are still the best

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