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Thread: How To Install These Games

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    I've downloaded a few games.
    The files has a iso.exe and a bin.exe extension.
    I know a iso extension is a image for a cd-rom but how do I rename the file so it won;t be a application anymore but just an image file.

    Or has somebody tips how to install these files.

    These are the files


    Please help

    THNX a lot

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    Originally posted by By The_Great_Dude

    Go to the folder you have your file,
    then click on Tools at the top, go down to Folder Options, then click on View tab,
    scroll down and uncheck the box that says "hide file extensions for known file types",
    click OK, go back to your iso (or other file), right click, rename, then delete the extension .exe (or other extension, i.e., .dat) replace with .iso (or the extension it should be).
    Now it should show up.

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    or just take out the ".exe" part, the only reason the exe extention was added was so that these files would show up in the software searches


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