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Thread: .iso Confusion

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    I just d/l a copy of Win XP pro but the file is in iso format. I tried double clicking on it but the black screen just appears and disappears or in other words...nothing happened. How can I run this type of file. I'll appreciate any help I can get.


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    I think u have two choices:

    1) U can use winISO to open and extract ur file.

    2) U can burn it to disk and open it from there. If u dont know how to burn the file, go to the FAQ, it should explain

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    whats the file size and did you get it from the verifieds?

    my verson i had to rename to iso but if yours is an iso file use something to burn it, you cant just run an iso file by double clicking it, use winiso to check the contents.

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    So I just burn the file onto a disk? The next time i pop the disk in the tray, will a setup run to install winxp?

    The fils size is 500 mb or 500,334 kb and I did not get it from the verifieds (whats a verified?

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    If it is an iso, and it is a clean rip of the WinXP install CD, yes, it will, but you can also use WinISO to extract it like any zip file and then run from ur comp.

    Edit: ijc was asking if you got the file name/size from the verified section of this forum

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    is it bootable too? can I boot from the cd?

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    I dont know how to check the verifieds so I guess i didnt lol

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    boot? If ur asking if you can run the WinXP OS from the CD, then no, you can't

    If your asking if you can run the setup from CD, yes, assumming that your copy is real and has no errors, it should run the Windows XP setup as if it were the real CD, just make sure you have a serial number too.

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    bella.. do you have AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Pager, or MSN messanger? it would be easier to explain that way, msg boards are slow.

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    Length:619420368 Bytes,604903KB

    i just checked i dont see any xp pro that size

    xp pro without service pack = 449,123mb and this is,nt an iso its a zip file ( this 1 well blacklisted )
    xp pro with sp1 included = 604,902mb this is a bin you have to rename to iso ( download this 1 )

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