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Thread: the parrot

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    A lady was walking down the street to work and she saw a parrot on a perch in front of a pet store.
    The parrot said to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly." Well, the lady is furious!

    She stormed past the store to her work. On the way home she saw the same parrot and it said to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly." She was incredibly ticked now.

    The next day the same parrot again said to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly."

    The lady was so ticked that she went into the store and said that she would sue the store and kill the bird. The store manager replied profusely and promised he would make sure the parrot didn't say it again.

    When the lady walked past the store that day after work theparrot called to her, "Hey lady." She paused and said,"Yes?"

    The bird said, "You know."

    A British chap comes home with some multi-flavored condoms to spice up the long winter nights. He comes in, throws off his coat, and announces it to his missus, who becomes immediately excited. Without a word, she grabs him by the nuts and drags him upstairs. He jumps into bed, and she runs off to the bathroom to powder her nose.
    While he is lying in the bed, hands behind his head, the wife comes in. She strips at the foot of the bed and slides up under the bedding and starts playing the pink oboe.

    Suddenly, she lifts the bedding and says to her husband "Mmmmm, cheese and onion?"

    To which he replies, "No, hang on a minute. I haven't put one on yet."

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    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    the second one's nasty


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