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Thread: Setup Factory 6

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    i want to make all my rips with this, any 1 got any tips on how to do it, i read there forum page but it sucks.

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    No idea.

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    why post if you have no idea

    technical answers only please

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    I used it in the past and I didn't like it very much.

    InnoSetup or Nullsoft is much better. Plus they are both freeware.

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    i have used it once, it was quite good as you said it is worth a go.

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    yeh i got a rough idea to work it, but i need the line commands for example,

    i want to execute a game that is say c:\programs\game name.setup.bat, but the bat file has to be an exe file that has to be changed with batch compiler as windows 2000 and xp will not allow the program to excute a bat file because you have to be the admin.

    InnoSetup or Nullsoft
    i'll give these a try paul but i dont think there no were near this programs Potential
    like this program is 400$ and freeware software sucks this is what my local market are using and they are ahead of everybody, this program can copy cracks over while it excutes from the setup factory and set up the game into a directory to also.

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    Here is my advice.

    I use Setup Factory 5.0 It is SO much easier that 6.0.
    The SETUP Wizard in Verison 5 practically creates itself. I have been using if for a few years now.
    With my skills and experience, version 6.0 is just too confusing, even for me.

    Then use Setup factory 6.0, to easily convert 5.0 projects into 6.0 projects.
    If you create your own Visual Pasic projects (vb5 or VB6), the Setup Factory 5.0 is better. Then convert it to 6.0

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    why dont you sign on ijc_2003

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    is version 5 Compatible with windows xp pro ? if so make a hash up for me i give it a try.


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