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Thread: Old software - director player 6 memory problem requires help

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    I'm having some problems getting a few OLD kids games running on my NEW computer.
    The games install fine but when i go to run it a error box pops up.

    Director Player 6.0
    This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run.

    Anyone have any thoughts how i can fix this problem?

    I never got this problem on my OLD Pentium3

    New Computer Specs -
    same operating system (XP Pro)
    AMD Athlon 64 3000
    2x512MB Corsair ram
    GT6600 128Mb

    and virtual memory is set to initial & maximum of 1024MB

    Can any one figure out a solution to this?

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    I've found the solution all by myself.
    Yes, i must use google sometimes.
    It seems systems with more than 1MB of memory confuse old versions of director player which are found in some old software, mainly old kids games.
    It's a page file size problem, i had my page size set to 1024, director player only looks at the first number and decides 1MB<3MB=not enough memory.
    So i set the page file to 999, didn't work, eh?!?!
    Set the page file to 4000, bingo!, everything works now!!!

    Question - Is having a page file set to initial 4000 & maximum 4000 while having 1024MB of memory going to effect anything else other than it uses a lot of hard disk space?

    The following is a cut & paste from google -


    Some programs use an older version of Macromedia Director that malfunctions on systems with over 1 gigabyte of RAM, giving the error message: This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run. Follow these instructions to change your virtual memory settings.

    WARNING: This procedure will allow the program in question to work, but it may also adversely affect other applications on your system. If necessary, you can reverse the setting later.
    Change Virtual Memory Settings

    1. Click Start>Control Panel.
    2. Click on Performance and Maintenance.
    3. Click on the System icon at the bottom of the window. The System Properties window opens.
    4. Click on the Advanced tab.
    5. In the Performance section, click on the Settings button. The Performance Options window opens.
    6. Click on the Advanced tab.
    7. In the Virtual Memory section, click on Change. The Virtual Memory window opens
    8. Verify that the number next to Space available: is higher than 4000 MB (at least 6000 is recommended). If there is not sufficient space available, you will need to clear more space by removing files and programs you no longer use, before you can proceed with these instructions.
    9. Click on the radio button next to Custom size.
    10. In the boxes next to both Initial size (MB) and Maximum size (MB), type 4000.
    11. Click on the Set button. If you receive a message that you will need to restart the computer for settings to take effect, click OK.
    12. Click OK to close the Virtual Memory window.
    13. Click OK and then OK again.
    14. Close all open windows.
    15. Click Start>Shut Down and then choose Restart.
    16. After the computer restarts, try the program again.


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