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Thread: posting question

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    hey all, been using this site and giganews for a while and it's been great.

    as far as posting goes, i check a few other nzb sites and they occasionally have different stuff than this site does. is there a rule on reposting stuff, say if i were to dl the nzb from binsearch for something that's not on here?

    i don't want to steal anyone's thunder or anything, nor do i want credit for something someone else did, i just sometimes see stuff that other people on here might enjoy. i'm just not sure what the policy is for that here.


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    Feel free to post whatever you want within the rules of the board. Its always nice to have new and nore posters within the section as that what makes this all work. Make sure to read through the pinned topic on posting if you havent already...

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    yea the more poster the better it just helps this site grow


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