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Thread: edonkey servers with high ping

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    Is it me or have you guys also noticed that most servers on edonkey have really high ping; over in the 1000s. I have trouble connecting to just about any server over 1000 ping.

    Does anyone else have a solution to this problem other than using another program? I have no firewall blocking my ports, and have no other connection problems. Edonkey was working perfectly fine 2 weeks ago, but last week I started to notice really high pings, but a few servers worked, but this week almost all servers have really high pings.

    any clue?

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    There are some fake ed2k servers which filter search results or record your activitys.

    It is a good idea to disable automatic update of your server list, clear your server list, add the servers from this list
    (not the red servers) and just update from that list ocasionally.
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