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Thread: Auto Updates

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    Hey !

    I just love this codec packs, i use them all, i just was thinking...

    I download everytime the update of 30+-mb files...

    and sometimes the changes are only in some files..

    so why not to add an autoupdate feature, i can be really awesome, and of course it can save lot of bandwith that lot of people will only download 2+- mb and not the full packages..

    what do you think ?

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    any reply official or just your opinion ?

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    You're right, it would save the bandwidth, but its up to the makers of the codec packs. Ideally you should not "clutter" your system with all the codecs, and just install the ones you use. Checkout if you haven't already.

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    no official reply.. for more than 3 months...
    it is a great idea i think..
    and it is posible


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