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Thread: Action Replay Max Evo For PS2

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    has anyone tried this yet?is it worh it to buy?and can someone explain waht it does and how it actually works?cuz the expalnation the sites have are very hard to understand.

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    Did you read that?

    Cheat in games, play dvds from different regions, play mp3s, etc.
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    I have it mainly for the memory card trasfer (it's a different version, but the same software and a small keydrive). The cheats work fine if you like that sort of thing, but I do like the developer hacks you can use from it.

    However, don't expect much in the way of support. In their faq, if you have a problem booting the disc, their fix is "try another PS2", as if I've got lots of them around. Also, watch out for older versions, since some of them don't work with newer PS2s (not a problem if you get it in a store, a problem if you get it used)


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