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    Hi all.

    I seem to have hit a problem.

    I do not know how or why, but some of the fonts i se on the screen have changed.

    For example at : the font that says"Kazaa Lite [home of the K++ edition] is huge... so big it overlaps the border beneath it.

    I have the same problem on ebay, and it seems with this problem it is stopping the search results from comming up.

    I have run 2 online virus checkers, and my own copy of norton is up to date (as it my firewall)

    I have thought about restoring the original fonts that came with win 98se, but i have not installed any others...?

    i am runing win 98se
    1.2ghz AMD athlon
    768mb sd ram
    ATI Radeon 7000 64mb graphics card
    NTL 128 broadband modem



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    have the fonts and colors on ALL the webpages changed?

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    Originally posted by "The Avatar Man"@20 April 2003 - 18:41
    have the fonts and colors on ALL the webpages changed?
    nope, just certain fonts, always the same ones. They always seem to be enlarged?
    As i said an example of it is one the previously mentioned web site. All the other fonts are okay, and all the fonts i use in MS Word seem to be the same... very wierd.

    Any ideas?

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    try on the menu bar at the top there ^ view -> text size
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    Originally posted by DarthInsinuate@20 April 2003 - 20:08
    try on the menu bar at the top there ^ view -> text size
    I don't believe it!!

    You're right.

    I have just changed it to medium, and now it is all fine... what the hell happened?

    Any ideas how it could have been was altered in the first place??

    A hacker?
    rogue programme?

    I am the only one here that uses this 'pooter, and i didn't know that there was even a drop down menu for that! so it certainly wasn't me!

    Thank you very, very much DarthInsinuate


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    i thinks sometimes if you click and use the wheel on your mouse at the same time it sometimes changes the size.


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