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    Hi guys my problem is my FPS in game when i run UT2k3 in Win xp pro i get 50 to 60 FPS but whit XP i have conection problems so somtimes i cant go online to play UT2k3 .
    So i instald Win98 se whit win98 i have no conection problems the only thing is that in win98 i get 20 to 30 FPS whit evrything on lowes setting !!
    so dos anyone now a program or somthing like that that can help me???

    BTW: i have a AMD 2100 whit 512 sdrm and a GF 4 mx 440 64 mb ddr i know MX sucks

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    Try using Windows ME

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    i dont have it

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    dont try ME its just an upgrade 2 98 and wont help u any
    also u did not need 2 install win98 on top of winXP cuz XP has everythiung win9x had and if u go 2 the ut2k3 aplication properties u can tell winXP 2 run it in a compatibility mode of win95, 98/ME, 2000, or NT and test each of them 2 c how it runs
    personnaly i dont think thats what will help u, winXP is the best os so i dont think any other 1 will help ur FPS and if XP is gettin connection probs, make sure everything is good w/ ur internet setup but if it is just ut having the prob try reinstallin it and makin sure u have any and all updates, i play ut2k3 all the time w/ XP and have no probs
    if nothing seems 2 help u just run the game in 98 while u have connection probs and wen u dont have them run it in XP, and just deal w/ the low FPS sry i cant help u out any more then that tho


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