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Thread: Can someone please help me?

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    Can someone please help me? I can't find anywhere to download eDonkey or eMule from. Every place I find wants 20 bucks for it. Am I just stupid or is there supposed to be a free version.

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    goto ....over there you'll get the official emule (of course for free) and if you wish to use a mod then register on their forums and pick a mod from the mod section.

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    >Am I just stupid or is there supposed to be a free version

    You are using the wrong search engine. MSN search returns links to scam sites when you search for p2p programs.
    Set your homepage to
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    I've never tried one of the morph clients so I can't comment on that but I can say I like emuleplus better than the original client. You can get it here

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    eMule is free... never pay for filesharing!!!

    the offical emule program is here:
    I recommend using a modded emule: eMule Morph. It has tons of more features and stuffs. Really nice..
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    Google is the first site to come up.

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    what are mods? I have emule, what extra I get in emulemorph?

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    mods are just moddified clients of the original version with some different settings such as releaser options etc
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