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Thread: Songs?

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    Anyone made any music lately?
    I would like to listen.
    Please post a link.

    Here is my music:
    My music(streamed)

    See you later

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    I have quite a few but they are all Med Mods, composed using OctaMED on my Amiga 1200. Canna be bothered to change them to MP3's, will someday

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    Yeah, I'm working on my second album right now. Here is one of the songs off of it. You can go to my site for a few more songs, but my first album has pretty crappy quality, You shouldn't expect much from it. Go to the audio section, and select the band 'A Prior Hassle'.

    No One

    It's hosted by web1000, so some countries can't access them for some reason.
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    i'd like to be in a band! i'm and intermediate drummer (too good for amature, not good enough to be called pro&#33
    i'm good with music (i have a very musical education) so if anyone wants to try pulling something together give me a shout! (just to let you know, i live around ottawa canada)


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