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Thread: Bittorent Speed Prob

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    I just dont know what has happened to my bittorent speed,i am using bitcomet and where i was getting 25kb/s, now i gets 2 or 3 kb/s,and i have checked various private sites but still i am getting slow speed

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    use utorrent or bitspirit

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    they might of banned the bc, try something else

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    Are you behind a router??

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    I dont much about router or port forwarding stuff
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    Dunno where you are located, but I know in my area, my ISP is throttling BitTorrent..

    Change your client to uTorrent, in the options, go to Network and enable the "Upnp" option.

    Close/reopen. If you are still getting poor connection, try to change to port 1720, its a standard VOIP port for most Internet providers... You'll be limited to 100-120k/sec download... but 120k is better than 1-2k/sec

    Good luck!

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    you could make sure the windows firewall isn't turned on

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    Well first of all does the, torrent you are downloading have a good amount of seeders? If your torrent has like 1 seed and 30 people are downloading off him, you can't expect great speeds. But try a client called uTorrent @ Its low on resources and offers great speeds. Also try different ports, make sure your firewall isnt interfering or anything like that.



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