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Thread: World Championship 2005

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    Agrajag's Avatar Just Lame
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    Feb 2004
    T'arras is starting tonight.

    Once again, can anyone see past Phil "The Power" Taylor. He's 4/9 in a field of 64, how feckin' mental is that.

    I'll keep you chaps up to speed, I know you appreciate that.

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    JPaul's Avatar Fat Secret Agent
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    Nov 2004
    John "Darth Maple" Part, Canadia's former (twice) World Champ goes thro' the first round against Unknown Guy (from China)

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    Mr JP Fugley's Avatar Frog Shoulder BT Rep: +4
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    Sep 2003
    steve beaton, former world champ, knocked out in the first round by sum dutchguy.

    i'm glad, coz beaton looks like a git.
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