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Thread: how do you copy xbox original games

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    can someone explain how do you copy xbox original games

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    when an xbox is "modded" (with a mod-chip or a software hack), an FTP server program is installed on it, which lets you connect another computer to it and access the files on the xbox's hard drive & DVD-Rom. you need to set up the xbox's FTP server correctly so that your PC can log into it and download all of the files from the xbox's DVD-Rom. you should install a reliable FTP client program on your PC, too, especially if you use Windows 'cause Windows does not come with a good one (it can access FTP servers through Internet Explorer, but IE's FTP feature is really not very good at all). i doubt that Apple comps come with a good FTP client by default, either.

    when you've downloaded all of the files from the game disc to a folder on your PC, you use a program like Qwix to turn that folder into an xbox-format ISO file, and burn it onto a disc with whatever burning program you prefer (like Nero).


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