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Thread: Midnight-torrents down?

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    "403 Forbidden
    Unauthorized IP address."

    This i what i get when I try to access

    Please verify that it is truly down.

    It was a pretty good site with many free torrents...

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    Works for me.

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    Works for me too no problem

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    guess ur ip got banned, try using a proxy to see if its ur account or IP!!

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    works fine for me as well. a lot of "free" files there.

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    i have the same problem.but it says found and the document has moved here...port 80

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    Same here,was using it and got my ratio up then can't access. Ken

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    Doesn't work for me says:
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
    But it works fine in IE.

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    hey fr33kb0b that did the same thing useing the fox.then i used opera thats when it said this. but it says found and the document has moved here...port 80.i was ready to donate some cash.i been trying to get on angel torrent forum to.but cant find that also.they were some nice sites.the people on angel were really cool and they helped me alot.

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    Not working now for 2-3 weeks for me

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