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Thread: Get QuickTime Pro Free

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    How-To: Get QuickTime Pro Free

    December 20th, 2005 - 2:10 pm

    A BIG shout out to Justin for submitting this neat little QuickTime hack.
    In order to enable QuickTime Pro features (without paying for it), you need to download Quicktime Alternative (new download link). Yes, we KNOW that Quicktime Alternative doesn’t require QuickTime to ever be installed, but if you want to be able to export and convert QT files, the installation of QT is necessary.
    Once you download the file, launch the installer.
    This hack requires QuickTime to already be installed on your PC, so if you don’t have it - download it! If you have QuickTime correctly installed on your PC, you will see the above dialog box. Be sure to CLICK NO.
    Install only the Quicktime Alternative components at the Select Components dialog box, (uncheck Player and Media Player Classic) and make sure Windows Media Player is NOT the default for QuickTime files (ie: keep Make Windows Media Player the default for QuickTime files UNCHECKED.
    The the software install. Once it is done, you have QuickTime Pro features, so you can export movies and all that good stuff (Justin noted that exports do take a long time), but if you click a web link with a .mov extension, a dialog will pop up saying
    “Would you like to play this file? File: YES: Play NO: Download”
    Consider that a Holiday gift from us to you.

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    that link for QT alternative isn't the latest release
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