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Thread: feckin SATA drive could heat the whole house!

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    not really.

    but this bitch is runnin very warm, according to software monitoring, 52C

    which do I believe?
    I plugged it into an HDD cooler w/thermistor reading around 30C
    the I/O chip (I assume that's where software monitoring gets its info) on the mobo was reporting 50C

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    It's measured by the on-drive temperature monitor and is reported via SMART.

    Even if it isn't accurate, that's the temp they'll look at if you ever try to claim warranty. If you go over the operating maximum (usually about 55C) your warranty will be void.

    My drives (the two which report temps) run in the mid 30s. One of them once got up to 53C, but that was without any cooling and while performing a full disk to disk copy. I find using standard fans blowing air across the drives straight from outside the case gives better results than the ones which bolt on to the drive and blow air at it, probably because the latter is merely recirculating the same warm air around the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynx
    Bet yours is a Maxtor.
    that's not even funny


    anyway, I switched HDD coolers, still reading 29-32C there,
    still 50-53C in Everest


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