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Thread: Help!

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    Ok Im new to this whole thing and ive download two movies and im having the same problems with both

    I went to this Ftp site and it had like 49 diffrent file for me to save


    they all look just like that 1 - 49 - now what do i need to do inorder to watch this movie - there is also a file like this

    alliance-intotheblue-xvid and propeties says this is an SFV file??? What do I do with this?

    I have G-Spot and when I open it up it says it might be a "rar" file.... so i renamed one to test - used Winrar and that didnt work...said I needed - this
    Into The Blue\alliance-intotheblue-xvid.001.r00 this is what i get with every file I try to "unrar" same file name just says .r00 at the end
    G Spot says I have the Codec installed when I open up the sample....

    i also have VideoLan - am i missing something - how do I play these movies? Ive tried all i know how to do and searched all over the net
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