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Thread: Wanna Play All Your Favorite Rips Online

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    found this cool program its been out for years, but is making a huge comeback
    its worth the 10$ for the serial number alone, and dont try to use keygens or false serial numbers because it wont work, its secure as half life server.

    this program allows you to play your mates online without going to the actual game servers if your game supports lan function, it has every game availble and you can add your own games to etc even ripped copies
    to the program, me an my cuz been using this for a week now and its superb we can play any game against each other and it very fast too, it creates a virtual lan server, why pay for online gaming + the fact i already pay good money for my broadband service and then you buy a game then you have to pay for online gaming man whats this world coming too.

    get the program here and registor it and get a free serial number which lasts for 15 days

    here is a link on how to setup a game with it its so simple but you need a serial number to enter servers.

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    half life servers aint secure?? many ppl can get in it ..

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    I can play my ripped version of half life on the net with no probs
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    Wait, so how does this work? Like an online only game such as CounterStrike, I would be able to play without a key but not on the games servers, over LAN games with friends only. Correct?

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    yes krackhead this is the only place were you can play warcraft 3 and many other games, there is thousands of people playing this now and it becoming more popualr, me and my cuz can play any game
    we have in our collection, 10$ for a lifetime membership. like over 2500 people playing just unreal.

    150,000 users just now and rising.

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    I thought I saw this on ShareReactor once in the Warcraft III section. I tried using it, but I couldn't play for some reason.

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    thats because you need a valid serial number to load up the servers, and keygens and fake serial numbers will never work because when you sign up it takes your ip address and they no if your using a fake key
    i tryed keygens and lots of diffrent serial numbers never got any to work so this program is pretty secure mabaye more secure than half life servers.

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    It's something like Kali, a game server supporting numerous games for online gameplay without the original cd key.

    I found a few good ones that allow you to play on a Bnet like server for WC3.
    You may wanna try this. Note: Only for Warcraft 3.

    For Normal WC3
    1) and download all the required files.
    2) Make sure clients are compatible.
    3) Click on on WC3 Menu as Normal, you will be connected automatically to It's Completely Free.

    For WC3 EXP: Frozen Throne
    Oh it is Kali you were talking about. It was free 2-3months back. And I mean absolutely free...too bad now. But if you intend on playing WC3 online, use my step-by-step info above, it's more enjoyable.

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    is this is only beta, then why use it, kali 2 has been around since 1990s i not going to trust some new company setting something up and you did say its only for warcraft 3 i dont even play warcraft 3
    i'am just letting people no that you dont have to and should,nt have to pay for online gaming.

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    Let me Quote again:
    It's absolutely Free
    That is more preferable for Warcraft 3 only Players. It is not in Beta, it's a freeware crack/update as you would put it so that you can play on a server identical to, eg, it loads up the same, through wc3's menu and not through external programs like Kali (Please note, I do use Kali and I enjoy it, this is for WC3 only).

    What is in Beta is the Expansion for WC3, The Frozen Throne (of which only 10,000 beta testers were made official), which you are able to play like FOR FREE, although it is DOWN now.

    It's just a recommendation and Kali will, of course, be the best alternative in terms of online gameplay for Rips as it covers a wide range of games.

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