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Thread: Make Poverty History Card to Tony Blair

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    kazaaman's Avatar Proud Indian
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    Dec 2002
    Please send Tony Blair a card reminding hiim that he needs to be good on his promises to end poverty. Make Poverty History is a great foundation. Send cards guys!


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    Proper Bo's Avatar spmado BT Rep: +2
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    Apr 2003
    his promise was "edjukayshun, edjukayshun, edjukayshun" wasn't it? and he failed didn't he?

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    vidcc's Avatar there is no god
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    The war on poverty is over.

    the poor lost

    itís an election with no Democrats, in one of the whitest states in the union, where rich candidates pay $35 for your votes. Or, as Republicans call it, their vision for the future.


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