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Thread: emule p3p

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    discussion on planetpeer

    While this may or may not be a bad idea (I think it is a bad idea), it would seem that there is interest in it, further than just some spammers talking about yet another vaporware.

    So it would seem that developers are needed, anyone interested is being encouraged to download the developers pack.

    I really don't like name emulep3p, seems lame to me, much like that entire project.

    Some of the ideas presented in the developers pack are interesting enough. Producing a new client based on a mixture of emule, mute, tor and iip sourcecode. Ideally bringing emule users to anonymous filesharing through the mute network.

    Such a mix seems like a bad idea to me, though at least there is no java being involved. Given the early stage of development I really doubt this will ever become little more than vaporware, even though I hope I'm wrong. The sad truth is p2p is just too dangerous and vulnerable. Sooner or later the millions of people who currently use it will wise up, though from the amount of people still using kazaa, it makes me think it will be later, much later.

    I do not post this to encourage spamming or a flame war. Just that there are millions of emule users, who might be willing to try such a client if its anonymous networking is optional and the gui is familiar to them. That brings about such things as anonymous chat, website and forums hosting. Adding optional features such as those to emule, might not too bad of an idea if done correctly. I just doubt we'll ever see a working client released, at least at the moment, until there are a group of developers working on it.

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    Ths is just more clueless fanboys and that annoying spammer closedshop talking about things they don't understand. I find this very irritating as it is distracting from the real work being done on anonymized filesharing.

    This "developers pack" is worthless. In case you hadn't noticed IIP closed down a long time ago. Anyone capable of doing any usfull work on anonymous filesharing is quite capable of downloading the emule sourcecode by themselves.

    The biggest problem facing anonymous p2p is scalability. Getting thousnd of emule users to try some new problem that looks like emule is counterproductive if the anonymous network fails because it can't support that many users.
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