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Thread: The new Doctor

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    So did anybody watch the Christmas special of Doctor Who? In my opinion it was pretty damn good. I like the new Doctor, need more of a chance to see him in action before i start comparing him to others, but still pretty damn good. Some of the parts in the episode seemed pretty taxing though, when he was better, such as the sword fight. During that scene it seemed like Tennant wasnt a big enough guy to use the sword effectively, so that scene didnt look to good.

    Also a mention of a new series, Torchwood. Anagram of Doctor Who and its apparently a new series, a prequel to Doctor Who to come in late 2006. The series is about Captain Jack apparently.

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    yeah I watched it out of pure boredom, not a fan of Dr. Who in the least, the new guy hasn't changed my opinion of the show one bit, and it would take more than a new Dr. to do such a thing

    (the above is a nice way of saying it's shit imho )

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    I love Dr Who and I think Tennant will be fine. Rather surprised at his swordplay after all that he did in Casanova. Still, time will far so good.

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    I thought it was quite a good episode, Tennant took a little getting used to but I reckon he'll do well. I wish they'd get rid of the mother and Thickey though...

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    It gets a from me

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    Yeah, it was good...


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