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Thread: Zonealarm question

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    Ever since the whole problem with zonealarm 5.0 being funky with bittorent, I settled in on a different firewall.

    Now that I've reformatted, I was going to pick a new firewall.

    And I noticed that Zonealarm upgrade to version 6.

    Does this version still have the ill effects of hurting bittorent, or is it good to use?

    If it's bad, I might just go back to good ol version 4.5
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    I gave up on this app even before 5.0 was out. Im suprused when I hear that anyone uses this anymore. I cant imagine why you would care to try a new version. The fact is some of the issues that its created for many users seem to be major and using newer versions dosent seem promising. I know at one point around 4.5 it was a good app and all but using an old version may not be up to date now.

    I suggest you give something new a try. I would suggest Sygate which has been flawless for me and even has a free version but due to the buyout wont be around in its current state much longer. Although its still worth using. There are other good ones out there that Im sure others could suggest also...
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